Sunbury Military Institution (from London Illustrated News, 1856)

Whilst our armies were engaged in the battlefield [Crimean War 1853-1856], whilst the public at large were finding fault with the defective training of our officers, whilst commissions were appointed to inquire into the various departments of the war, Captain Lendy set quietly to work, and opened at Sunbury an institution for practical military education for the special training of candidates for commissions in both services. The locality could not have been selected in a more convenient neighbourhood. Close to and facing the Thames stands Sunbury House, a noble residence, surrounded by luxuriant grounds. In 1784 it was the property of Lord Hawke. It passed into the hands of the Rev. Mr Bishop; and since the death of the latter several years ago the estate has remained in Chancery. George IV and William IV were often its guests; and many a Royal eye has gazed upon and admired the beautiful pictures of Varreo that adorn the ceiling of the chief staircase.

Background to Lendy Memorial

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