The Grave of Captain Lendy at Waiima Kono District

Waiima is situated in the Fiama Chiefdom. It was here at Waiima in 1893 that the British and the French Forces, who were allies, fired accidentally on each other while pursuing Samory’s Sofa Warriors. It was a dark, misty morning, when the British fought the French, each party mistaking the other for the Sofa Warriors.

By the time the mistake was realized, Captain Lendy on the British side and Lieutenant Maritz on the French side had been killed. Some other soldiers also died together with these two officers. Both Lendy and Maritz were buried on the spot and afterwards their brother officers erected a memorial cross over them. In 1933 a new and larger memorial was erected incorporating the original cross. The Sierra Leone Government erected the new memorial in memory of the soldiers who perished that day .

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